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Cable Splicing

We have on-staff certified and experienced cable splicing electricians who install, test, maintain, repair, and troubleshoot 5-35 kV solid dielectric power cables. The used methods will help you drastically improve the life expectancy of your cables. It does this not by replacing the cable that may be damaged but instead by performing splicing. This is done by connecting damaged cables resulting in a cheaper alternative than a full replacement. 

According to IEEE Std. 493-2007, Table 10.33, inadequate installation and testing prior to the start-up of cable splices and terminations are the primary causes of failure. Our skilled staff knows how to prepare the cable for splicing for buried, duct, and tray installations and work following the relevant OSHA safety requirements. They install taped, molded heat shrink, and molded elbow terminations and know how to proof-test using an AC VLF 0.1Hz Test set. Don’t take a chance, use UIS experienced cable splicing experts.

cable splicing

Cable splicingCable splicing