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Case Studies

UIS Case Study ATS maintenance

Ensuring Continuous Operations with ATS Maintenance

Healthcare operations are critical.  Learn how UIS helped prevent a major outage.

UIS Case Study Swift Resolution for Critical Power Issue

Swift Resolution for a Critical Power Issue

What happens when a 1958 oil-filled breaker won’t close?

UIS Case Study Emergency Power Restoration at 74 floor hotel

Emergency Power Restoration at a 74 Floor Hotel

How does a hotel handle a total power outage?

UIS Case Study Swift Power Restoration for University Campus

Swift Power Restoration for University Campus

Learn how Team UIS helped a university restore critical operations.


An Unfortunate Hit That Caused UIS to Come Running

Learn how Team UIS helped church services continue after a car accident.

Case Studies

Language Doesn’t Stop UIS

Language is no barrier for UIS when it comes to getting the job done!


Hotel Blackout

Learn about the mistake made by this major hotel chain that could have been prevented with electrical maintenance.

small industrial case

Industrial Complex Shut Down

Learn about the failed breaker that lead to this industrial complex shut down.

small transformer shut down

Exploding Transformer

Learn how this Transformer ended up exploding.

Case Studies

Racing the Elements

Discover how cold temperatures caused an emergency at this facility.

Case Studies

Don’t Skip on Maintenance

Read this case study that sheds some light on the importance of maintaining an electrical maintenance schedule.  

Case Studies

Steel Industry Electrical Maintenance

Read this case study that sheds some light on Steel Plant power pitfalls

Case Studies

Don’t Gamble on Maintenance

What happens when a casino doesn’t perform proper maintenance?

Case Studies

How a Municipality Controlled SCADA Upgrade Funding, Scope Creep, and Risk

Learn how a Midwest Municipality controlled SCADA Upgrade funding, scope creep, and risk.

Case Studies

Ann Arbor Hydro

Learn how the UIS Renewable Power team upgraded Ann Arbor’s controls.

Case Studies

Lockport Hydro

Learn how important this crucial maintenance routine is.

Case Studies

Toledo Bend Hydro

Learn about the upgrades UIS Renewable Power has performed on Toledo Bend – Texas Hydro controls over the years.

Case Studies

Fatality Due to Lack of One-Line Diagram

Learn why your facility should have your one-line drawing up to date to avoid a catastrophic event.

Case Studies

The Power of a One-Line Drawing

Explore a compelling case study that vividly demonstrates the limitations of the traditional adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” within the realm of facility management.