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Electrical Contractors

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Helping Electrical Contractors Deliver More Value, Safely.

Expanded Services.

With PartnerFirst™, you can offer your clients third-party independent NETA Acceptance Testing, Maintenance Testing, Commissioning, and Engineering Studies for new projects or routine maintenance at existing facilities.

Electrical Contractors - Partnership

Access to Electrical System Expert.

PartnerFirst™ contractors have access to UIS highly trained NETA technicians and Professional Engineers for advice on how to best quote electrical testing to help you make your bid more competitive or troubleshoot complex electrical systems in emergencies.

Mitigate Wiring Errors.

A PartnerFirst™ contractor, with the assistance of our NETA Technicians and Professional Electrical Engineers, reduces the risk of wiring errors and field accidents.

NFPA 70E Team.

Your clients are required by the

NFPA70E standard to do Arc Flash Hazard Analysis every five years.  PartnerFirst™ contractors have access to a team of NFPA 70E Professional Electrical Engineers that do a multitude of studies and on-site training.

A Pledge .

UIS will not bypass you if the client is new to UIS.  You remain the first point of contact for the end user’s electrical needs.  We want a long-standing, trusting relationship with you.

Customized Communication Services.

Each electrical contractor has a unique approach to project management.  UIS will assign a Project Manager to your team to provide customized services that fit the way you do business, resulting in better and more consistent communication.

Fast response to quote requests.

Contractor estimation teams live in a world of deadline anxiety.  PartnerFirst™ contractors have priority in quote requests, and UIS is committed to providing a fast response.


UIS is always on.  On the phone, online, or onsite, with AlwaysOn™, the PartnerFirst™ contractor has 24/7/365 access to UIS certified NETA Technicians.

Connect with one of our Team UIS divisions to best suit your needs.

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