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SCADA 4.0 Systems

What is SCADA?

SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. SCADA is everywhere.  The temperature control in your home, the water you drink, the car you drive, the gas you pump, the power you use, flights you take, and much more depend on a SCADA system.

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What is SCADA 4.0?

It is fundamentally changing the way water and wastewater treatment facilities and their operators are functioning.

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UIS SCADA has been delivering powerful SCADA systems for over 40 years.  We are the NUMBER ONE SCADA center in the Great Lakes Region.

Head End SCADA System
CRUiSE – Cloud SCADA System

All our SCADA system options offer cybersecure access to the SCADA system via any internet-connected device.

Our lineup of integration services includes all types of configurations, from hosted with the CRUiSE™, on-site, cloud, or a hybrid of on-site and cloud.  Our RTU lineup includes the ZUiS™ M, the most rugged, secure, and powerful RTU on the market,  the ZUiS™ A, a compact reliable RTU, and the mini RTU, JUiS™.  Our Telemetry line up includes cell, radio, satellite, and fiber optics.  In addition to integration, our team delivers instrument calibration, and system troubleshooting services.

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