Keeping power & controls safe & reliable.TM  When downtime is not an option.TM

Hosted CRUiSE

CRUiSE is a low-cost subscription service that delivers powerful and professional SCADA software to even the smallest organization. This SCADA service makes mechanical processes more reliable by giving operators and management secure, easy, and powerful monitoring and/or control tools. Once installed, all that is required is an internet-enabled device; works with existing telemetry, HMIs, and RTUs.

Powerful and professional SCADA software for even the smallest organization.

Hosted CRUiSE

Site Overview

Hosted CRUiSE


Hosted CRUiSE

Alarm Management

Hosted CRUiSE

Interactive Screens

Hosted CRUiSE


Hosted CRUiSE

Custom Reports

Military-Grade Security

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
  • Protected behind a Virtual Private Network
  • DNP3 Secure Communication Protocol. DNP3 is recommended by the IEEE C.2 cyber security task -force
  • Each user has their own user name and password managed by the administrator.
  • Accounts are disabled following repeated attempts.

Extremely Reliable

  • Dual server no-compromise load-balancing and hot-backup failovers. If one server goes off line, the system seamlessly transfers to the second server.
  • Heartbeat of the RTU is constantly monitored
  • The servers are located in a Data Center staffed by highly skilled engineers around the clock.
  • The Data Center is designed with redundancy installed at every level, ensuring that a failure at any level will not affect the server.
  • Power is conditioned and reliable through the use of centralized UPS solutions backed by state-of-the-art generator technology.
  • The network is robust and reliable utilizing premium Tier-1 bandwidth and phone line providers that ensure minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global internet.
  • This data center meets SSAE-16 and COC3 standards, the highest for Data Centers.
  • Redundant phone line technologies using both land lines and VOIP for maximum reliability.

Why CRUiSE Makes Sense.

1. Makes processes more reliable and efficient. With CRUiSE, management and operators find troubling trends before they become emergencies; or before they consume excessive energy and chemicals. This makes them more reliable. In addition, CRUiSE has a unique feature called “rate-of-change” detection to further spot trouble from either rapid changes in value that can indicate a spill or leak or extremely slow or no change in value indicating sensor failure.
2. Extremely easy and economical to set-up. No special software, computer hardware, IT support, or maintenance is required. Computers, laptops, tablets, or smart phones need only a web browser to connect.
3. Best in Industry Interactive Custom Screens. UIS custom builds screens to customer’s requirements. Screens refresh data as quickly as the telemetry will deliver it.
4. Very Powerful Trending Tools. Any data are drawn to a graphic display automatically begins logging process data to the historical database. By double-clicking of any process variable icon, CRUiSE displays a continuous view of both historical and real-time data for as much as the entire lifespan of your application. (5 Years is standard). Easily share data by exporting data to multiple database formats. Use History Statistics Tag to compare one week’s average flow to another to find trends. Built for speed, it can log data at up to 4,000 values a second and sync across a WAN at up to 160,000 values a second. One can optionally simultaneously, log across a network to an Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or SQLite databases.
5. Flexible Alarm Management. The system sends alarms via e-mail, text messaging, pager, and high-quality text-to-voice phone calls. With any cell phone, an operator can acknowledge alarms, check equipment status, change set-points, and send commands. The system can be configured to re-arm after a defined period once they have been acknowledged.
6. Comprehensive Report Capability. CRUiSE includes two reporting components; a page for generating ad-hoc reports and a report tag that can be scheduled to trigger pre-defined reports. Report tags are time zone aware and can run daily, weekly, monthly, manually, or on the event. Reports can output to your screen, a file, an Excel® spreadsheet, a template, a database, or as an e-mail attachment.
7. Simple site management. Interact with your remote monitoring sites in the same way you use on-line mapping tools. Pan and zoom across all your sites with a simple click, toss, or scroll. Each site is represented by a pin that changes color based on its polling status. Click a pin to open the associated site.
8. One System – Multiple Realms. CRUiSE provides when necessary different Realms for different users or user groups thus giving the administrator the ability to control who monitors/controls what.
9. Scan & Store Digital Manuals. As an option, each Graphical screen has an icon that opens a place to store digital manuals that belong to that site. UIS can scan and store the manual for you. This ensures the manuals are backed up and secure.
10. Operator Logbook. CRUiSE comes with an operator Logbook to keep written records of required user activities. Notes entered by users are automatically time-stamped and labeled with the operator’s name. Operator notes act as a bulletin board, providing a way for users across the organization and across work shifts to communicate and record activities.
11. Proven Software. The backbone of CRUiSE is software from a company that has been developing HMI software for over 25 years.
12. No more upgrade cost. Since CRUiSE is a subscription service it always uses the latest software and hardware and costs less than traditional systems. No software and hardware upgrade costs, no servers to maintain, and no strain on the IT department.

How It Works.


Starts with remote processes in many industries.


Connect any instrument measurable process variable or equipment.


To a Data Concentrator such as a PLC or RTU.


Send data to the CRUiSE Data Center via cell, satellite, cable, or DSL.


Monitor and/or Control on any web-enabled device.


CRUiSE: Control And/Or Monitor Securely & Easily From Anywhere.

Our four-page CRUiSE product overview. Learn the specifics about the CRUiSE product.