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SCADA Telemetry

A variety of forms of Telemetry have been around for thousands of years. In the early days, smoke signals promoted the means for communicating data over long distances. Today, we use telemetry to control the mars Curiosity range rover. Other examples are GPS, cruise missiles, smart power grids, and weather satellites. The word telemetry is derived from the Greek words, tele = remote and metron = measure. Technology has gone a long way and continues to evolve both technically and economically.

Today there are many telemetry options. They are telephone duplex or leased lines, cable, DSL, fiber optics, radio, cell, satellite, and internet. UIS SCADA integration services use cell, radio, satellite, and fiber optics for SCADA telemetry.  The team also performs propagation studies to validate the workability of various telemetry options. Explore each option in depth below.