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Circuit Breaker Oil Testing

It is important to leave your circuit breaker oil testing up to experts in order to avoid false readings due to contamination. The diagnostic tests performed have valuable information that can be extracted from them to better understand the current state of the circuit breaker. Performing these fluid quality tests helps create a standard practice for the maintenance of the circuit breaker. Oil circuit breakers that have old technology are being increasingly replaced with SF6 Gas circuit breakers.  Both are typically used in high to medium-voltage distribution applications.

Standard Circuit breaker oil testing can include some or all the following tests:Circuit breaker oil testing
  • Dielectric breakdown voltage: ASTM D877
  • Color: ASTM D1500
  • Power factor: ACTM D294
  • Interfacial tension: ASTM D971
  • Visual condition: ASTM D1524
  • Neutralization number (acidity): ASTM D974
  • Water content: ASTM D1533


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