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Infrared & Ultrasonic Scanning

infrared scanningUIS can help you find electrical hot spots before they become a problem. In electrical systems, excessive heat and ionization is a sign of impending trouble. They are usually signaling arcing, tracking, and/or corona emissions from failing electrical components, ground faults, short circuits, or other common problems in electric equipment. Since Infrared (Thermography) or Ultrasonic scanning alone cannot detect 100% of the trouble spots, the best scanning process is one that scans for both heat and ionization. Infrared and Ultrasonic Scanning are non-contact and nondestructive; hence, there is no need to interrupt production or plan for costly shutdowns when done safely.

Using cutting-edge Infrared & Ultrasonic scanning technology, UIS’s Professional Technicians inspect your equipment under normal loads and operating conditions. No need to disrupt your service and production schedules. Since UIS Technicians are trained Electricians first, they pinpoint the thermal anomalies that threaten the safety and reliability of your electrical systems. They do it safely, rapidly, and accurately. In addition, as electricians, they can make immediate on-site recommendations on how to rectify the problem and in many cases repair it immediately. Upon completion, we provide a comprehensive report and recommended action on any hidden thermal stresses in your operating equipment.


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Infrared & Ultrasonic Scanning