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SCADA Emergencies

On-the-Phone • Online • Onsite

If downtime is not an option, then you need a partner who understands that anything can happen at any time. With UIS SCADA AlwaysOn™, you get an emergency number to a quick response SCADA emergency team. This team is made up of UIS Certified, highly trained technicians with, on average, 20+ years of control and SCADA experience.  The emergency team will escalate the response as needed from On-the-phone, Online to Onsite.  In many cases, a phone call is sufficient to walk you through the proper steps to resolve the issue. However, in some SCADA systems, remote connectivity will allow UIS SCADA support staff to connect to your system for troubleshooting and programming support in real-time at any time.  Finally, we’ll dispatch a team On-site who will assess, troubleshoot, and put a plan into action.  We know that any downtime is unacceptable, so we move fast to protect your systems and facilities.

With AlwaysOn™, you can worry about other things – but not your SCADA system.

Not a UIS SCADA client, connect with us at by contacting, and we will assess your facility and set you up for our AlwaysOn™ program.

Most Common SCADA & Electrical Problems at Water and Wastewater Plants :

  • Unknown Communication Failure
  • Communication Fail Alarm
  • Power Loss
  • No Level/Flow reading
  • Pump Not working

In addition to fixing the emergency, our SCADA team also provides:

  • Forensic analysis reports
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Damage assessment reports
  • Repair services
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up

With AlwaysOn™, call day, night, weekends, or holidays. Our skilled technicians are on standby 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


SCADA Emergencies
Team UIS

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