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Classroom Programs
‘‘Instructor’s perspective from years of working in “arc-flash” environments added depth and dimensionality that was lacking in other training sessions.’’
Dominos Farms
Basic Electricity

This course covers basic electricity concepts for those that are new to controls and motors.

Safe Electrical Troubleshooting

This course is for maintenance staff that maintain electrical devices. It covers how to safely troubleshoot all the main utility feed to the control panel components.

NFPA 70E Awareness

This course covers the application of the NFPA 70E 2019 standard and how it is used to identify and mitigate electrical hazards in the workplace.

Motorola ACE3600 & Radio Telemetry

This course gives the student basic training on using and Servicing the Motorola ACE 3600. It covers the STS software, Basic I/Os, and ladder programming.

Why, what, when, and who of Calibration

This course helps municipal operators understand the why calibrations are important, what needs calibration, when calibration is required, and who is qualified. Includes hands on calibration.

Why, what, when, and who of Electrical Maintenance

This course helps facility operators understand why electrical maintenance is important, what needs maintenance, when it is required, and who is qualified.