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Motorola ACE3600 & Radio Telemetry


This two-day course.

This course gives the student basic training on using and Servicing the Motorola ACE 3600. It covers the STS software, Basic I/Os, and ladder programming.


This course is primarily for Motorola SCADA system users.


General Topics covered will include:
• ACE Hardware Overview
• Building & Administering a System
• Administrating, Monitoring and Loading a Site
• Using the Graphic User Interface & Inventory
• Troubleshooting Radio Communications

System Overview
ACE 3600 communication, message routing, password management and the Network Configuration program.

Site Configuration
Use of the STS to configure an ACE 3600 remote unit. Definition of I/O modules, port usage and site/system ID.

Utilities & Diagnostic Menus
• STS set up.
• Backing up & restoring project files
• Site time & date.
• Upgrading projects to newer STS versions.
• IP conversion Table setup
• Hardware tests and calibration.
• Error logger.
• Software Diagnostics

Application Programmer
• Database Builder Overview – Using STS data tables (Table types, Data
types, Physical I/O data types)
• I/O Linking (Assigning site configuration, Assigning digital I/O, Assigning
analog I/O)
• Process Programming Overview (Process flow, Ladder rungs, Available I/O
signals, Logic required for physical I/O data)
• Downloading applications
• On-line database and process monitoring
• Programming considerations for radio communications is covered.
• Programming considerations for MODBUS protocol with a central computer.

Communications Troubleshooting
General radio communication theory, propagation studies, using ACE RTU LED’s to troubleshoot, and single & Multiple site Communication Loss will be covered.

Course Information

Course Fee: $395

CEC: None

*Will be scheduled after receiving 8 or more registrations

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Level III Programer

Motorola ACE3600 & Radio Telemetry
Bob Clark

Motorola Technician