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Webinar Programs
``Good explanation of electrical system components and preventive maintenance requirements.``
4W's of Electrical Maintenance participant
Why, what, when, and who of Electrical Maintenance

This course introduces facility operators to why electrical maintenance is important, what needs maintenance, when it is required, and who is qualified.

Why, what, when, and who of Calibration

This course introduces municipal operators to why calibrations are important, what needs calibration, when calibration is required, and who is qualified.

Operator safety with electrical apparatus-NFPA 70E Awareness

This course covers the application of the NFPA 70E 2019 standard and how it is used to identify and mitigate electrical hazards in the workplace.

How SCADA 4.0 is changing the role of operators

This course introduces how operators can leverage the power of SCADA to automate processes, manage alarms, and develop maintenance programs.

Why, what, when, and who to upgrading controls, protection, instrumentation, and SCADA Confirmation

The presentation will cover the Why, When, What, and Who of hydropower controls, instrumentation, protection, and SCADA.