Keeping power & controls safe & reliable.TM  When downtime is not an option.TM


The heart of all SCADA systems is the SCADA software and the RTU Computer. The best RTUs are reliable, cyber-secure, and infinitely expandable, and provide powerful operational diagnostics, SCADA Network software, respond at high speed, and deliver the lowest overall cost. With over 150,000 installed RTUs in the World, nothing delivers these six key characteristics better than the ZUiS™ M with the Motorola ACE.  This is a full-powered true RTU.


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Extremely Reliable

What does it cost when RTUs are not working, alarms are not delivered, communication failures occur, and data is lost? More than the savings from a low-cost RTU. Here is why a ZUiS™ M using the Motorola ACE with an average operating life of over 20 years is reliable:

  • Delivers the widest operational temperature range at -40F to 158F and the widest operating non-condensing humidity range at 5% to 95%, as well as the widest mechanical vibrations operating range.
  • Available with redundant power/CPU configuration for automatic fail-over if one CPU or power supply fails.
  • Available with redundant telemetry, such as cell, radio, or two radio networks on separate frequencies, for automatic fail-over when the primary telemetry fails.
  • Available with redundant radio paths to the SCADA head end. When path 1 fails, the system switches to path 2 or path 3.
  • An oversized smart power supply feeds power to the RTU, the radio/cell modem, the batteries, and other devices. The smart feature provides low battery SCADA warning, automatic switchover, and overcharging protection.
  • Uses a communication protocol that accumulates the data even when communication failures occur. During a temporary communication failure, it stores the data locally. Upon reconnection, the unit backfills the SCADA systems with missing data.
  • The RTU package includes the radio, battery, and power supply. It is factory tested, supplied, and designed by Motorola Solutions resulting in no hardware conflicts.

Why ZUiS™ M makes sense

1. Military-Grade Security. Israel is a prime target for cybercriminals. After extensive testing, Israel’s National Information Security Authority (NISA) selected the Motorola RTUs for their power, water, and wastewater infrastructure. The ACE3600 is a self-contained, autonomous system with a full range of best-practice security options:

  • Security Policy Enforcement – Define and install a single, coherent, system-wide set of security configurations in every RTU.
  • Built-In Firewall – Filter IP communications by port, direction, protocol, and IP address.
  • Access Control – User authentication tools, executed at the RTU or at the system server, verify specific user access, and determine if use is legitimate and allowed.
  • Role-Based Access Control – The system administrator defines job roles and assigns different permissions so that each user is authorized to access only the parts of the system required for his or her job.
  • Intrusion Detection System – While allowing legitimate traffic, the ACE3600 identifies unauthorized access activities such as an attempt to alter an RTU program or drop unauthorized data packets. It blocks these activities, logs the events, and sends a report to the system administrator.
  • Application Control Software – Also known as “whitelisting,” this software blocks unauthorized applications and code on PCs and RTUs. ACE3600 firmware protects user programs with this technique, and ACE3600 configuration management tools on PCs are protected with McAfee™ Solidifier.
  • Encryption – An algorithm makes data readable only by a device with a specific key to decrypt the message. Data stored within the ACE3600 is also encrypted using a 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), meeting FIPS-140-2 Level 1 requirements.
  • Unused Port Deactivation – Disable communication for any ports that are unused, closing a point of access that could be exploited by attackers.
  • Time-Window Commands – When an application generates a command, it assigns a time window; after the time expires, system components will not execute the command. This can prevent replicating errors and commands of questionable origin from affecting the network.

2. Powerful SCADA Network software tools. System Tool Suite (STS) is free and designed for SCADA systems programmers that want full network programming, graphical view, diagnostics, and firmware updates from one location. You cannot do that with PLC software that often costs extra. Programming is done using “Ladder Logic” or “C” languages.

3. Infinite Expandibility. The ZUiS™ M can connect to over 500 devices and can communicate with other RTUs, PLCs, SCADA control centers, and IEDs via up to nine communication ports. Supports Smart Devices such as VFDs and Soft Start Controllers. It uses the following protocols; MODBUS a common protocol used by most RTUs and PLCs, M-OPC for windows, DF1 (Allen Bradley), IEC60870-5-101, and DNP3, both commonly used in electric power and areas where cybersecurity is critical.

4. Powerful Diagnostics. The operator can connect to any local unit to access and, if necessary, diagnose any remote using the SCADA system communication network. The system is time-synchronized and activities are time stamped to better understand the root cause of events.

5. High-Speed Performance. The RTUs have a 32-bit processor running 200MHz that delivers a 10ms refresh rate. They are available with Digital Data radios to deliver the fastest response time in the industry.

6. Highest possible accuracy. Uses 16-bit resolution for performing extremely precise analog measurements when SCADA needs precise billing or calculations.

7. Minimize downtime when doing maintenance. All I/O boards are hot-swappable allowing service without stopping the RTU operation.

8. Lowest overall cost. When one considers the cost of missed alarms, communication failures, data loss, and RTU failure, it is easy to see that initial capital savings on a lesser product are always less than operational costs that follow. The ZUiS™ M is typically similar in price to PLCs and marginally moreover dedicated lost cost units. Ask your engineer to include it in all your bids.