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Electrical Emergency Services

Electrical Emergency Services

When downtime is not an option isn’t just a slogan for Utilities Instrumentation Service. It’s how we handle our emergency calls and operations. When you need electrical troubleshooting done, we quickly deploy a certified technician who can get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We understand the urgency and act fast by troubleshooting efficiently and providing you with a solution.  You need a partner who understands that anything can happen at any time. With UIS AlwaysOn™, you get an emergency number to a quick response emergency team. This team is made up of UIS Certified technicians with, on average, 20+ years of experience.

With AlwaysOn™, you can worry about other things – but not your Power system.

Not a UIS client? connect with us at 888-956-9833 or and we will assess your facility and set you up for our AlwaysOn™ program.

In addition to fixing the emergency, our teams also provides:

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Electrical Emergency Services

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